Blume Energy Solutions

Blume is a turnkey energy solutions provider. Our focus is to provide solutions across the complete energy value chain from energy to production, management, and storage. Blume also acts as an energy fund and development management partner having developed over 30MW of solar assets with 15MW under asset management.

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Craft Homes

Craft Homes is an established player in the residential development and construction industry, renowned for their expertise in delivering high-quality homes across all market sectors. With over three decades of experience, Craft Homes has established a strong reputation for their commitment to excellence. As part of the Abcon Group, Craft Homes benefits from access to a wide range of disciplines, enabling them to take a holistic approach to development and provide an exceptional experience for homebuyers.

Craft Homes operates across a diverse spectrum of the residential sector, catering to the needs of various market segments, from affordable housing to luxury properties. Since 1993, more than 60 projects have been launched into the market, averaging over 7000 units sold.

The company comprises three core divisions: property development, construction, and sales, offering a comprehensive turnkey solution to Developing homes with care 32 clients. Craft Homes actively participates as a shareholder in new development projects, showcasing their commitment to fostering strong partnerships. Their robust construction capabilities allow them to handle both in-house projects and external construction engagements, providing flexibility and versatility in their operations.

With sustainability at the forefront, Craft Homes integrates energy-efficient features and water backup systems into their designs, ensuring environmentally conscious and resilient homes. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Craft Homes offers pre-owned sales options and streamlined bond origination services, simplifying the homebuying process for their clients.

Through strategic partnerships, continuous innovation, and a focus on sustainable growth, Craft Homes remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of the market and providing exceptional personal solutions for homebuyers.

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Abcon Developments is a commercial real estate developer with a long history of delivering bespoke spaces in the retail, commercial, motor, and industrial sectors. We align ourselves with our shareholders and investors in all our developments and look to grow with our partners, jointly sharing in the success of each development. We proudly form part of the Abcon Group, thus allowing the various Group companies to provide valuable input on all aspects within the property lifecycle.

We see real estate development as more than just its physical structures. Beyond a comprehensive understanding of property development, we have the ability to see what spaces could become and how it will benefit people, businesses and the community at large. Abcon Developments is about passing an ambitious space onto someone else so that they can have full use and enjoyment for years to come.

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