Valgro Solutions is an alternative income management specialist. Alternative income management focuses on enhancing value for stakeholders within the built environment. Potential revenue streams include out-of-home media, connectivity, mobile network leasing and temporary space use, i.e. exhibitions, kiosks and film shoots. We specialise in identifying, managing, and commercialising these opportunities across a vast range of properties in South Africa.

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Strive, formerly known as Abreal, was initially developed as an in-house property management service business to support the commercial development and investment of the Group’s real estate assets. Having expanded over the last two decades and taking on independent property owners as clients, the rebranding from Abreal to Strive has been a strategic decision as part of the evolution to become an independent company within the Abcon Group. We provide holistic property, asset and fund management services to ultimately provide turnkey solutions that drive the implementation of our clients’ property strategy.

With our company’s purpose rooted in the personal nature of property, we have a vested interest in our stakeholders’ businesses which makes the relationships with them so much closer. Strive is about the impact we have on people and the difference we can make. An innovative outlook and expanding our full-service offering, have propelled Strive to deliver a range of collaborative services which include precinct management, non- GRA income opportunities, solar solutions and various utility and water innovations. We have a multitalented team, with years of experience and understanding of the property industry. Our collaborative approach provides unique and specific solutions to a wide range of properties and funds.

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Ignite forms, implements and manages precincts through our existing base of expertise and our ability to leverage efficiencies and economies of scale to provide custom-made precinct solutions. Rather than being a CID, Ignite has the expertise to analyse a precinct and provide and establish a custom-made solution unique to each precinct through working relationships with local council, business owners and property owners.

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Grit is a building solutions company with the aim to plan, construct, and implement structural additions to commercial and mixed-use properties. The company works closely with property owners and tenants to understand the need and complete scope of any structural additions.

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